We are waiting notification on extended funding. We are unable to provide details on awards (stipends, housing, travel) at this time.


There are numerous summer research programs held on UMass Amherst campus every year so we try to organize social events such as Welcome BBQ and Ice Cream Social for participating students. Within the School of Computer Science, we have weekly lunches with a short presentation from a current graduate student at the computer science department and a technical presentation or talk relevant to research. We also have a field trip to nearby Computer Science research centers like Google Cambridge and Microsoft NERD Lab.

Program Requirements

Accepted participants must diligently work towards completing a research project during the duration of the program. To guide you with your research, we ask our students to submit a topic of their summer research, approved by their mentors by the end of their 2nd/3rd week. This is followed by a 10-min presentation of their research progress at the end of 6th week. Finally, students will have a poster session few days before the end of the program.

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